...It is time to try an organic, locally produced breakfast!

At Eco Hotel Bonapace

We have the unconventional breakfast that everyone loves!

The breakfast in our Eco Hotel is an experience that will win you over completely!
How can an Eco Hotel have an unconventional breakfast?
We decided to respect the environment (even more then we already had when we built a building only with materials accepted in the rules of bio-architecture) by also including a breakfast completely produced locally (in the Trentino region) and when possible at 0 km. Thanks to this our breakfasts vary according to the seasons and we offer the best organically grown food of the area. Aside from this we wanted to make sure everybody would be able to enjoy our breakfast, even people with: allergies, intolerances or even people who made a decision not to eat certain products so as to not make anyone feel like a "problem" or "left out". In our Hotel no one starts the day off hungry! Every person has the opportunity to sample our not only healthy but also delicious breakfast!

What will you find on our buffet? According to the season, you will find a big variety of fresh fruit (peaches, plums, melons, grapes, oranges and apples) and vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery and fennel) as to allow you to create your perfect fruit and vegetable mix.

What will you find on our buffet?

Depending on the season you will find a variety of different fruits (peaches, plums, melons, grapes, oranges, apples) and vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery, fennel). With all of these choices you can enjoy making your own fruit and vegetable extract.

For our clients that need lots of energy in the morning, especially if you are a sporty person about to go cycling after breakfast, we have a large choice of energizing foods: dried fruit (prunes, dates, raisins), at least 5 different types of seeds that you can mix in with your morning yogurt (example:shelled pumpkin seeds, sunflower, golden flax, sesame, brown flax) as well as nuts (Energetic Breakfast)

Every day we will make you feel at home with our home baked bread and cakes, according to the seasons.
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Flavors of our territory and... 

We also offer our guest a number of salty elements to add to their breakfast: speck, hams, sausages, goat and cow cheese...and lots more. We believe in sustaining local producers, farmers and butchers that allow us to taste fresh and genuine products.